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Sunday, 31 October 2010

the Carboot Meeting

well it was all hot to trot at Marulan today , while the surrounding areas were apparently  being deluged Marulan, after a worryingly wobbly and  shaky start, pulled off a brilliant sunny day. Thanks to all who came to sell and buy and buy and sell and..We hadat least  twice as many people as last time and it seems to be assuming a certain dynamic of its own. There will be another one, whenever we can get a  5th Sunday around May..again  an amazing day!!thanks all to those who made the Trek..

and Terry, who remarked that the pictures of the last one looked like so much fun that he wanted to be part of this that's the attitude..


  1. A good day out, I managed to sell a bit and buy a bit, ended up with a + $55 in the jonny rocket, after spending any money I did make on more figs, model kits, books etc.

    A pity I had to dash off to canberra for a pipes and drums event, otherwise I would of enjoyed a few cold ones at the local after the proceedings!!!

  2. over on TMP