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Saturday, 24 July 2010

today's Carboot Sale

Russel and Kym's offering

Russel  with some few things he found on Chris Spickett's offerings
The offerings of Mick Steggles
Russel and a rather pleased Chris spickett

a meeting of minds around Dave Veasey's offeringsd
Robbie Manning testing out one of the Cardinal's chairs

 Chris M's offerings

The Cardinal's back patio

Adam and the Big Willow , 'Ard Men
 Robbies stuff, lots of nice 1/72 WWI planes that went very fast

the Cat slept through it all


  1. So how did you get all that stuff from your patio into the boot of your car?

  2. hey how did Boyd, Dave and Guy miss out on a pic? Perhaps Adam and my pic should read Security to Aisle 3!


  3. you make a slightly scary looking pair..