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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

For all my old school chums

who, forty years ago, were struggling through  HSC English with this play...a rich and profitable study it finally turned out to be.

under milk wood
What seas did you see,
Tom Cat, Tom Cat,
In your sailoring days
Long long ago?
What sea beasts were 
In the wavery green
When you were my master?
I’ll tell you the truth.
Seas barking like seals, 
Blue seas and green,
Seas covered with eels
And mermen and whales.

What seas did you sail
Old whaler when
On the blubbery waves
Between Frisco and Wales
You were my bosun? 
As true as I’m here
Dear you Tom Cat’s tart
You landlubber Rosie
You cosy love
My easy as easy
My true sweetheart,
Seas green as a bean
Seas gliding with swans
In the seal-barking moon. 
What seas were rocking
My little deck hand
My favourite husband
In your seaboots and hunger
My duck my whaler
My honey my daddy
My pretty sugar sailor
With my name on your belly
When you were a boy
Long long ago? 
I’ll tell you no lies.
The only sea I saw
Was the seesaw sea
With you riding on it.
Lie down, lie easy.
Let me shipwreck in your thighs.